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"Buy Local"

WESTERN NEW YORK (WNY) "BUY LOCAL" CAMPAIGN: Our mission is to create awareness, support, and understanding of the importance of local farms to our area by local consumers and businesses. We seek to increase the consumption of locally grown farm products to the benefit of everyone in the region.

Distribution of Buy Local Promotional Kits: We provided 115 educational packages to those who responded to our request for an evaluation of the promotional material. The educational package included brochures, posters, and other printed materials that explain the advantages of buying locally produced farm products. Local farm markets, farm stands, grocers, educators, and restaurateurs will use this material to promote regionally grown products that are sold at these establishments. We received 76 responses to the pre-survey and 31 responses to the request for follow-up comments. This information is documented in our Final Report Summary and will be used in future "Buy Local" efforts.

"Buy Local" Public Service Announcement: Last summer we completed the taping of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) at a local Farm Market to promote New York Farm Products. The PSA ran on the local Time Warner Cable Network. Partners in this project included Cornell Cooperative Extension Orleans County and Cornell Cooperative Extension Genesee County, NYFARMS!, and Lake Plains RC&D.

Pictured is the taping of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) at a local Farm Market to promote New York Farm Products.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Orleans County presented an opportunity to help us get our "Buy Local" promotion on the local cable stations. The Lake Plains RC&D completed the production of a Buy Local Public Service Announcement on July 20th and provided the tape to Time Warner and WBGT TV in Rochester for airing through the summer and fall. Jonathan Ghent and Keith Jackson Directing provided production and support for the development of the Public Service Announcement (PSA). Keith Jackson shot and edited the PSA (60-second, 30-second and 20-second spots promoting the purchase and consumption of locally grown farm products) and a two-hour continuous loop (constantly repeated) VHS of the finished piece for use at trade shows and fairs and a CD with the PSA compressed in progressive QuickTime for our web-site. Pat LaPoint, Ag Educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension Genesee County provided the technical expertise.

Sixty Second Spot
Ancient glaciers sculpted New York leaving us soils rich in minerals. Farmers developed these soils into productive farmlands and the canal system moved their products to market. Today, this fertile soil bears home grown products that feed our families and our communities. Why settle for anything less than fresh, flavorful, locally grown foods? Buying from local farmers is a great way to support our economy and maintain our farmlands. So make a difference! Make sure the farm products you buy are local. Treat your family and friends to a festive garden buffet of farm-fresh produce. Eat and drink the products of New York farmers. They pride themselves on bringing you the best quality. So get to know their face, their place and their fresh taste!

Phase I - Genesee County Cornell Cooperative Extension received a grant of $5,000 from NY FARMS! for development of these educational materials for promotion of local products. First Phase has been completed.

Objectives: 1) To develop an easily identifiable logo for placement on local farm and value-added products. This was completed in 1999, logo shown below:

2) To create an educational package including brochures, posters, and other printed materials that explain the advantages of buying locally produced farm products. This material would be for use by local farm markets, farm-stands, grocer, restaurateur, or other marketing enterprises to promote regionally grown products sold at these establishments.

Activities to support this effort included a booth at the Buffalo Convention Center, which hosted the AgriTourism Expo on March 23, 2000. Pat LaPoint indicated that approximately 1,300 attendees boarded coaches to visit local sites and view the displays at the Convention Center. The following counties were targeted for this Expo: Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming. The Lake Plains RC&D provided $300.00 in funding support.

The Buy Local promotional material was on display at the Regional Identity Marketing of Agriculture and Food meeting hosted by NY FARMS! (1999)

Representatives from the State Legislature, NYS Ag. & Markets, NYS Legislative Commission on Rural Resources and many others who are involved in developing local agricultural promotions were present.

Phase II Phase II Genesee County Cornell Cooperative Extension and Lake Plains RC&D received a second grant of $5,000 from NY FARMS! to implement phase II titled Education Outreach "Our Lakes Make it Local" (Pride in NY Farms!) This proposal has two components: 1) We will complete a follow up and evaluation of the promotional material developed in 1998/99 and 2) we will take advantage of relationships developed with local colleges and universities and expand our outreach into the food service community. The second phased was approved August 2000 and is underway.




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